When God's people gather, He shows up. 

When God shows up, lives are changed.

  • We are a diverse family of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.   In our services you can come as you are. There is no need to get dressed up. During our gatherings people are free to fully engage in all that we do or simply sit back and observe what is happening. You will never be pressured to do something you don't want to do. You can come with your family. We believe that teenagers are at an age where they can understand and engage along with the adults in the service.  Children have their own age appropriate classes.  At Trinity, we warmly welcome trained and certified service dogs.  We respectfully ask that service dogs be appropriately identified with a vest.  We kindly ask that pets and emotional support animals be kept at home.
  • There is a lot of music in our celebration services.  We use this time to focus our attention on the One we have gathered to celebrate.  During this time it is appropriate to stand, kneel, lift your hands, dance, wave banners, or sit quietly if you wish.  The songs we sing are our prayers of thanks, devotion, and awe.  They express our need and dependence on God.
  • We learn from the Bible during our Sunday gatherings. We see the Scriptures as the authoritative source for determining what we believe and how we behave. The Bible tells us who God is, what He thinks of us, and how we fit in to His purpose for our lives. It is filled with timeless truth and wisdom that is still very relevant today.
  • There is also time in our gatherings where some members of our church family pray prayers, share stories of how God has interacted with them during the week, share encouraging prophetic words, and pray for one another.  You might even hear some people singing or praying "in tongues."  The gift of tongues, as described in the Bible, is a special prayer and praise language that God often gives to His people.
  • After the Sunday morning service it is not uncommon for families and individuals to continue hanging out together by going out to lunch. These friendships are also deepened at a variety of Life Groups scheduled throughout the week.
  • Once one feels like Trinity is their church family, in addition to plugging into a life group, we encourage all members to volunteer their time in an area of ministry.  We have found that it is in serving in ministry that we experience our greatest growth and transformation.